Maxima Computeralgebra System (CAS)

Maxima is one of the oldest computeralgebra systems (CAS), with its roots going back to the legendary LISP-based computeralgebra system Macsyma (see ).

Computeralgebra systems, first and foremost of all are full-fledged programming languages – usually with the following properties:

The following text is an elementary German language introduction to Maxima:

   Erste Hinweise zu Maxima

In the following Maxima worksheets elementary, mostly historically motivated algorithms are treated – usually in a straightforward, „natural“ way. Sometimes, for the sake of methodological comparison, different versions of an algorithm are given; e.g. (as in Euclids algorithm or in the Fibonacci number algorithm) a recursive and an iterative implementation or (as in the sieve of Eratosthenes) an implementation using arrays as opposed to lists. The worksheets originally were stored in the wxmx worksheet format and then exported to the pfd format for portability reasons. in some of the worksheets Maxima's timing-facilities are used for run-time comparison. For further support (in particular for the wxmx files) please contact

Some historical algorithms:

More Maxima programs: